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Because "things" aren't important; people and experiences are. 

The name MiBrava is the result of a search for a simple name that connotes an upbeat and inspiring attitude. Brava means "good" in Italian (we all know how a "bravo" in English makes one feel). Specifically brava is used in relation to a female. It can also mean clever, skilled, or better.  Mi means me or my. There are more grammatically correct ways to say I'm good in Italian (adesso sto bene among others) but it's simple and to the point. Plus, who doesn't feel inspired by a hint of romance language? 


After an extended time with a pandemic, we know that "things" aren't important, people and experiences are.

While I was in 46 US states by the time I was 12, my travels became limited until I was much older. We began traveling in earnest when I was well into my 50s, towing along our youngest who I homeschooled. His history "classes" including seeing first hand the effects of the potato famine and war in Ireland, the reminders of WWII in Germany, and the Jewish Ghetto in Venice. His art "classes" included seeing great masterpieces in person in places like Florence. 

I adore the travel blogs and social media photos by young, childless couples. I wish I'd done more at their ages. But I say "bah humbug" to those who say they can't travel because they have a few age-related health issues, can't travel with the grandkids, or can't imagine planning their own trip to save money (no matter their age). 

We are here to help you imagine your upcoming experiences. Travel to experience a new culture or broaden your horizons. 


Together let's say "Mi Brava." 

Audrie Zettick Schaller

Founder, MiBrava

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